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Arlington County Black Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you're searching for an Arlington County Black criminal defense lawyer because you're concerned about your or your loved one's ability to get a fair trial in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I may be able to help you.

When you are accused of a crime, you need someone who knows the law to represent you. Fortunately, the backbone of our legal system is each person's right to an attorney. This right is true regardless of whether you can afford one or not. Of course, it is always best to be able to choose who represents you in a court of law in Arlington County.

I am a Black criminal defense lawyer who represents clients (Black, white, Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, etc.) who face criminal charges in Arlington County. And I do it well, according to many people.

When you or someone you love is facing jail or prison time, choosing the right attorney is extremely important. Selecting such an attorney, however, can be difficult, especially in Arlington County, where there are dozens of options. The attorney you choose should have experience and legal knowledge, but perhaps more importantly, your lawyer should be able to relate to you as a person. When your lawyer understands your background, values, and your culture, that attorney will be better equipped to customize a defense strategy to match your unique circumstances.

Here is an example of a celebrity who chose a lawyer who does not understand his background or culture.

Why the Right Black Criminal Defense Attorney in Arlington County is Important 

A criminal defendant is facing the possibility of losing their right to freedom. Because of this, under certain circumstances, a Black criminal defense attorney could be essential to ensure the defendant has somebody that understands the legal system in their corner.

You may need someone who can explain to a jury of people who don't look like you and don't understand our culture why they must find you not guilty.

Most non-Black criminal defense lawyers need to read articles and reports and go to training courses to understand things that an Arlington County Black criminal defense lawyer simply understands by virtue of being a Black American.

Going through the criminal legal system can be overwhelming and frightening. At the Law Office of Damon D. Colbert, my team and I are here to protect you and your rights and freedoms. Contact me any time either online or by calling (571) 210-0000 or (804) 208-0000.